Our Members

GCWA is an enthusiastic group of women who all share a passion for the beef industry. Owning cows isn’t necessary to join this group of Georgia ladies. Our members include beef producers, teachers, wives, nutritionists, chefs, rural residents, extension agents, farmers and more. We welcome all who support the cattle and agricultural industries and the people within.

As a member you can:

Be a stronger voice for women within the beef community 

Ensure that consumers receive up to date, accurate information 

 Assist others in enjoying beef in new and creative ways 

Help our youth develop into leaders and advocates for the beef industry 

Learn new promotion and educational techniques 

Receive up to date research and insight into modern agricultural issues 

Attend workshops for professional development 

Enjoy fellowship with other women in agriculture 

We stay busy hosting and attending beef and agricultural events year-round, so there are many ways to be involved and learn more about our vibrant organization.

H.E.R.D., the GCWA Newsletter

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