The CattleWoman of the Year is awarded to the CattleWoman who goes above and beyond in promoting and educating about beef and cattle in her local area and at the state level. This person can be nominated by a local chapter or two Cattlewomen. Nominations should be submitted to the GCA office by February 1 each year. 

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Susan Allen - 2020

Our recipient of the Georgia CattleWoman of the Year wasn’t raised on a farm, but she quickly learned about promoting beef, farming and cows when she married Clay Allen in 1971. Susan Allen joined the Mid-Georgia CowBelle Chapter in 1973 and became their first Secretary-Treasurer and served as the treasurer for 2 more years. In 1984 and 1985, she served as the Mid-Georgia CowBelle President where she led the chapter in promoting Beef. She is currently the Mid-Georgia CattleWomen’s treasurer and has served as either secretary or treasurer for the past 30 years.

Susan has always been passionate about the CattleWomen giving back to the community.  Ever since the “Cattle Drive for the Hunger” program was started in the early 90’s, she has encouraged their chapter to donate to the local food pantries and support the Georgia Beef Feeds the Hunger program. Another love she has had for over 35 years is the Beef for Father’s Day campaign. She has assisted with beef drawings at restaurants, Hamburger Day at Akins, grocery store promotions, and distributing beef information to consumer. She believes that we must educate our youth and consumers about beef and agriculture. 

Throughout the years, Susan has assisted with the cafe at steer shows, farm events, field days, picnics, Mid-Georgia Beef Ambassador Competitions, 4-H cooking classes, beef exhibits at grocery stores, fair booths, and Buggy Days’ ribeye steak booth. Susan makes sure that her grandchildren understand the importance of agriculture. One summer, she coordinated a week filled with agriculture activities for her grandkids so they could learn more about farming. 

She enjoys coming to the conventions to learn more about our association, the beef industry and meet new friends. One of her convention highlights was in 1992 when she served as a hostess to the Georgia Beef Cook-Off winner. She said that she felt like she was the winner too. 

Susan is a retired teacher and is very involved with the music program at the Barnesville First United Methodist Church where she directs the Children’s Choir, plays the handbells and piano and sings in the choir. Clay and Susan are very proud of their three daughters and their families and encourages them to participate and help with the association’s events.             Our industry needs more members that are cheerleaders for our industry like Susan. Congratulations to Susan Allen of Barnesville, GA for being selected as the 2020 Georgia CattleWoman of the Year.

Susan Allen's CattleWoman of the Year Video

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